Find An Exciting New Trade Partner and Trade Factory

Do you need a new Trade Partner or Trade Factory?

We’re reaching out today to make sure we can bring some exciting new adventures to you. One of which is the choosing of new trade partner and trade factory in china.

We have been in talks with one potential trade partner in particular. We’re now at the stage of testing them to see if they are a viable option. This will save us dealing with marketplaces when we run a campaign. Due to the international nature of our work we work hard on establishing relationships. As a result we minimize the risk involved in purchasing internationally.


In the future we will be running a crowd funded campaign for a blind product test on the trade partner. We hope to ensure and determine the following:

  • Quality & Care
  • Product Sourcing Accuracy
  • Communication and Understanding
  • Delivery Times and Accuracy
  • After Delivery Service
  • Price

This is an exciting time because its going to open up so many opportunities being a viable trade partner.


We intend on running a small crowd funded campaign to attract 50-300 like minded individuals. Finding a trust worthy trade partner that can source and ship with a clear understanding of English. Who can communicate effectively and follow through on delivery.

We wanted to find a way to have a closed test environment where sales didn’t spiral out control going well if the trade partner was unsuitable and unable deliver. Crowd funding gives us the perfect environment where we can have a small live network to test the authenticity of the trade partner.


We’ve chosen a rather small, easy to ship, cheap product that’s easy to source. It is usable and very practical in every day life.

A magnetic USB cable with connections for apple/micro/C-style.


This product is very practical with the standard of power transfer changing to C-style internationally. With new smart home ware coming out and mobiles with new C-style connectors, a lot of people need to upgrade from the old micro or apple connectors. People are searching for them, and, they are what we thought of as a perfect test product to test our perspective trade partner.


We wanted this target audience to be made up from local New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom & USA small business and entrepreneurs. We’re hoping that the campaign is a success and that we can reach the people out there looking to find that same partner and gather their support. As one of the rewards we intend on sharing all the data accumulated (minus all personal data). We hope that by doing so we can reward those supporters just as much as Charlotte and I are by the success of the campaign as well as receiving a great useful product.

It’s still going to be a few weeks before finalizing the quoted products. If executed smoothly our campaign should start in 2-3 weeks time. We’ll need to arrange samples, get fresh content/media, organize and refine a pitch and setup a marketing campaign to get the word out there. All of which will take a bit of time and money but I’m confident that it will be a huge success.

I’ll try to keep you updated as things progress and I’ll start to record all my data with the partners from this point forward. Look forward to things heating up just before Christmas.

Support Us

If your interested in showing your support email us via the contact us page and when the campaign gets running we can be sure to directly contact you with links where you can follow and participate.