CEMCEL, a look into the past for a new perspective

Welcome from CEMCEL,

I’m Clayton, the CEL in CEMCEL. I don’t often use social media or online platforms. I think its one of my biggest problems. In today’s world we’ve created a system of interconnection through micro communities and i often fail to integrate into these systems. I don’t login to facebook or instagram daily or even weekly for that matter. In saying and understanding that I also believe some things deserve to be shared. Today was one of those moments for me as i took a stroll down memory lane and recalled a few of our previous arts and crafts we’ve produced over the last few years and a few of those special moments as well.

Clayton & Charlotte

Charlotte the CEM in CEMCEL and I have been together crafting for a few years now. Always looking into new and exciting ideas. Repurposing items and finding new ones to use. Between us we can manage most tasks we set ourselves and we rarely fail at what we set out to achieve. The creative flare that we have between ourselves can often be reactive when we are on projects but we always manage to come out on top with great results as a collaborative effort.

Dragon Cast - Windstone Edition

We started back a few years in the summer periods thinking CEMCEL was a good name to represent us as individuals. Wanting to find some simple crafts to keep us occupied and focused, we thought it would be good to have an outdoor craft we could do without being too expensive, something we could really get into.

While we looked, thinking, trying to figure out what we could get into we used to enjoy going out and enjoying the day. Visiting the gardens and seeing the plants and flowers. It was one of these visits that we really noticed the value that the garden statues and fountains added to the enjoyment of a nurtured garden. So that’s when we decided to start our garden crafts.

CEMCEL - charlotte at work

It was a clear process from the beginning, not much cost to get the startup equipment and an easy application to mold and copy from one and re cast an item. What we found in the process was that it was such a great feeling creating something with our hands and going through everything that we started trying other models to cast.

CEMCEL - mid project mold creation

This was when we were really enjoying the craft times. We would find items we loved randomly, from friends and family and at markets and op shops. When we found them we just couldn’t resist making a few more and enjoying the painting side of the crafts as well. We had puppies, dragons, turtles, fish it was actually quite an exciting time. Sometimes we would even craft our own models out of clay and mold them ready to cast in concrete or plaster.

We used to have so many different painting techniques too. Loving each and every one of them in a different way. Each dragon or dog or turtle came out different in its own way. They all had their own personality and we loved feeling everything while we created them.

It always took a lot of time and effort putting these pieces together but we both enjoyed it. We worked sometimes straight out of bed till after the sun went down. Having amassed quite a few, so many at one point that we didn’t have the room for them. We had to figure out a way to move some on to good homes. That was when we thought of putting a few pieces up at the local market. It was Birkenhead Auckland New Zealand we first setup. A table some blank concrete casts and our paints. We thought it was just nice to get out and paint and sometimes someone loved our goods enough to buy, others more interested in the blank casts so that they could have that same fun at home.

After that we became more confident. We started thinking of other crafts and things we could do for enjoyment and to improve our lifestyles. Since then we’ve undertaken many tasks and worked with a lot of different techniques to achieve what we’ve needed to learning skills and developing along the way.

We’ve done solar panel projects which is where our garden crafts got more elaborate starting to build water fountains and we are moving into more electrical crafts. Our latest we’ve just received some of the goods for, is our back light photographs, using el panel lighting and photos on transparency sheets we’re hoping to achieve a solid product.

To think that these are just a few highlights of the last few years of our crafts that i have neglected to share. Still to look back on the past gives you real perspective…